Member Groups

Gwinnett County ARES

Nick Doemland  AB4CQ
Assistant Emergency Coordinator
Members / Business & Administration

A Facilitator for each group has been appointed by the AEC – Membership to facilitate communications, assist with callouts for activations and general administrative duties. Gwinnett ARES also supports several facilities in the County with Amateur Radio stations permanently installed.A Facility Lead and Alternate Lead will serve as the primary point of contact between ARES and each facility. These facilities include the Emergency Operations Center, Eastside Medical Center, Gwinnett Medical Center – Lawrenceville, Gwinnett Medical Center – Duluth, the Gwinnett Newton Rockdale Public Health Office and the Emergency Communications Vehicle.Facilities will be activated as needed for exercises or incidents.ARES members will be assigned to facilities or field sites as needed to meet personnel and resource requirements.

Member Groups

Alpha Group
Larry Whited – AB4NX (Facilitator)
AB4NW Karen Whited
AF4FG Earl Whatley
K4CHB Charles Burts
K4WIT Jon Wittlin
K4YDB Charles Corriveau
K7SZ Rich Arland
K9LAR Larry Long
KA4KKF David Adcock
KA4YZR Paul Branson
KB3MCT Pat Arland
KB6RRX Doug Kregel
KE6IYD Jose Jasso, Jr
KM4CVU Steven Wisenburg
KM4HIH Andy Wilbourn
N2VG Victor Gann
W4DTR Dave Bruse
W7ALS Andre Steyn
WA4ZXV Norm Schklar
WB4QDX John Davis
Bravo Group
David Harden – KJ4CMY (Facilitator)
AB4CQ Nick Doemland
AE4FS Robert Collom
KD4YDD Scott Brown
KF4PWI Scott Hartlage
KI4BQS Ken Dalton
KI4HPP Karen Albritton
KJ4CNC Ralph Pickwick
KJ4DRN Ryan Haney
KJ4MWF Stephen Schreiman
KK4GWG Gregg Freeman
KK4MNU Rick Pawlowski
KK4WOG Kevin Highsmith
KM4NKZ Cyndi Rush
KT4LS Lee Stone
N0DIM Mitch Matteau
N4LNE Phil McCleary
NY4F Lou Manglass Jr.
W4KDA Kyle Albritton
WB2OGY Steve Back
WB4WTN Bill Cherepy
Charlie Group
Mike Parrott – N4MEP (Facilitator)
K4BNB David Wilson
K9SDR Leland Ford
KE4IKF Amy Woodrick
KI4CSM Ryan Duncan
KJ4WYO Angel Alonso Jr.
KK4AUA Bill Grimes
KN4CGO Russell Prevost
N4KD Dave Kuechenmeister
N4RAH Rick Hillstead
N4XYY Rick Cobb
W2FAL Frank Lombardi
W4BWE Barry Edwards
W4HNG Neal Gilchrist
WA4YIH Ed Woodrick
WB1AKQ Pam Meridy
WD4JEM Eddie Foust
WJ4L Kevin Whitney
WR1TR Bill Hawkins
Facility Leads
Emergency Operations Center Earl Whatley – AF4FG
Emergency Communications Vehicle John Davis – WB4QDX
Gwinnett Newton Rockdale Health Department  Nick Doemland – AB4CQ
Gwinnett Medical Center – Lawrenceville  Larry Whited – AB4NX
Gwinnett Medical Center – Duluth  Larry Whited – AB4NX
Eastside Medical Center – Snellville  Ed Woodrick WA4YIH      Amy Woodrick  KE4IKF


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