Presentations and Material From previous meeting and functions are available for Download. Some may be dated material.
Message Handling (presented October, 2006)
Packet Primer (presented November, 2006)
Net Control Presentation (presented January, 2007)
Tornado Drill Review (presented February, 2007)
Winlink 2000 Presentation (presented May, 2007)
Search & Rescue Presentation (presented January, 2008)
Dennis Martin S&R Case Study
Preparedness Awareness (presented February, 2008)
Weather Reporting Criteria (presented February, 2008)
Amateur Radio and P=IE (presented July, 2008)
NVIS Antennas (presented August, 2009)
GPS Basics and Use (presented October, 2009)
72 Hour Go-Kit (presented March, 2010)
Basic Radio Direction Finding (presented January, 2011)
Gwinnett ARES WX Spotting (presented May, 2012)
GARS Repeater System (presented July, 2012)
Power-pole Connectors (presented April, 2015)
Digital Saturday Presentations (March, 2008)
APRS Presentation
PSK31 Presentation
PSK31 Optimization
PSK31 Tips
D-STAR Operations and Programming
Packet Basics
Using Winlink 2000






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