Digital Information

Information on D-RATS, FLDigi, Winlink 


You can obtain the software from these web sites:

Software By W1HKJ & Associates – FLDigi, FLmsg, FLrig, FLwrap

Winlink Software (ClientSoftware) look for download links after the table

D-RATS   Download latest D-RATS (0.3.9) 

D-RATS information


Informational sheets and youtube:

    1. Getting Started with D-RATS by John, WB4QDX
    2. Winlink videos and create your account.
    3. FLDigi software on youtube by k4ref
    4. Winlink information,  by AB4NX
    5. Digital info from GA ARES Web site.
    6. Winlink on the Kenwood TH-D74 
    7. FLMsg ARC Forms in Winlink
    8. HamCuredSmoke YouTube Videos for IC-7100 and IC-7300
    9. FLDigi and IC-7100 configuration information.





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