PLANS To accomplish it’s mission, Gwinnett ARES has developed a series of guideline documents. Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs) outline activation conditions, resources needed, frequencies used, type of information communicated and when to deactivate type conditions. This is not a substitute for formal training or additional information that may be communicated on a “per incident’ basis. This information may be superseded by local emergency officials.
A zip file of all the current plans can be downloaded here. (updated 06/24/05)
Other ARES groups are welcome to use these documents as models for their own operating guidelines, plans and memorandums of understanding. Activity is underway to turn these documents into template documents. Questions can be directed to W4IGE.
Operations Support Guidelines
OP PLAN 100 Support Guideline for NWS SKYWARN (7/14/03) PDF
OP PLAN 200-1 Support Guideline for Gwinnett County Emergency Management Operation County Response (9/6/02) PDF
OP PLAN 200-2 Support Guideline for Gwinnett County Emergency Management Operation Damage Assessment (3/27/03) PDF
OP PLAN 300 Support Guideline for Gwinnett County Red Cross (TBD)
OP PLAN 400 Emory Eastside Medical Center – Snellville (TBD)
OP PLAN 900 ARES Training – General (TBD)
Administrative Guidelines
ADM 0-1 Index of Operating Plans and SOGs (6/24/05) PDF
ADM 0-2 Amateur Radio Emergency Service Acronyms and Definitions (10/5/04) PDF
ADM 0-3 Amateur Radio Emergency Service Related Documents (9/17/04) PDF
ADM 1-1 Gwinnett County Georgia ARES Organization Structure (1/21/05) PDF
ADM 1-2 New Member Assimilation (4/25/03) PDF
ADM 1-3 Response Team Organization (5/27/03) PDF
ADM 2-1 Web Site Administration (3/24/03) PDF
ADM 3-1 Privacy of Communications (10/23/03) PDF
ADM 4-1 Public Service Event Planning (TBD)
Technical Standards
TS 1-1 DC Power Connector – Anderson Powerpole (3/27/03) PDF
TS 2-1 Standard Sound Card Packet Configuration (5/30/05) PDF
TS 2-2 Not Used
TS 2-3 SEDAN Node Operating Commands (4/10/03) PDF
Logistics Guidelines
LOG 1-1 Grid Location System (3/22/03) PDF
LOG 1-2 Alerting and Activation (4/23/03) PDF
LOG 1-3 Support Assignment Process (6/18/03) PDF
LOG 1-4 Initial Briefing (6/18/04) PDF
LOG 2-1 Supply Support (6/7/04) PDF
LOG 3-1 Facility Survey (3/28/03) PDF

LOG 3-2 Go Kits (9/17/04) PDF
Operating Guidelines

NET 1-1 Net Control Stations (NCS selection/appointment, activity reporting, preambles (4/26/10) PDF
NET 1-2 Net Operation (regular, alert, SKYWARN, emergency) (7/23/04) PDF
NET 1-3 Net Frequencies (designation, responsibilities) (5/30/05) PDF

NET 2-1 Communications Team Operations – EOC (6/8/04) PDF

NET 2-2 Comm Team Ops – Emory Eastside Medical Center (In Process)
NET 2-3 Communications Team Operations – Gwinnett Health System (In Process)
NET 3-1 Packet Net Operations (5/30/05) PDF


SAFETY 1-1 General Safety Guidelines (7/14/03) PDF
SAFETY 1-2 ATV Operation (7/15/03) PDF

Mobile Communications Facility Operations

MCF 1-1 Trailer Movement (6/6/05) PDF
MCF 1-2 Generator Operation (6/6/05) PDF