Communications Trailer


Gwinnett ARES Communications Trailer Equipment and Features

Trailer Specifications

  • Horton 8’ x 16’ V-Nose trailer with dual axles and electric brakes
  • Roof mounted HVAC and vent units
  • Side entry door to operating areas and dual rear doors for equipment storage area
  • Configured for main operating area, rear equipment storage and front management, meeting area

Power System

  • Honda 3000W Inverter generator that will run all radios, lights, battery chargers and cooling/heating systems (additional 3000 and 6500 watt generators available).
  • 180 Ah 12 VDC triple battery system (to be expanded to 300 Ah)
  • Three bank multiprocessor-based battery charging system
  • 12VDC power distribution system supplying power to all radio, network and LED lighting systems


  • Yaesu FT-450R 160m-6m 100W HF Transceiver with LDG YT-100 Tuner
  • Icom ID-5100 VHF/UHF Analog/D-Star Transceiver
  • Yaesu FTM-400DR VHF/UHF/System Fusion Transceiver
  • Motorola XPR-4550 UHF DMR Transceiver
  • Yaesu FT-8800 VHF/UHF Analog Transceiver
  • Icom ID-1 1.2Ghz Transceiver with High Speed Data
  • Kenwood D710 VHF/UHF Analog Transceiver with APRS
  • Kantronics KPC-3+ TNC
  • Linksys Router configured as a hotspot
  • Linksys Router configured as a client to connect to a hotspot.
  • Dual SignaLink USB soundcard interfaces for digital modes
  • Dual Dell i7 Windows 10 computers each with Dual 22″ LED displays configured with software to access Winlink nodes, FLDIGI stations , D-RATS and packet BBSs.


  • Roof grid system featuring three VHF/UHF, 6 meter, 1.2 GHz, 900 MHz antennas with spare antenna positions
  • Antenna patch panel for flexible configuration
  • Expandable stacking mast system for HF and vertical antennas to 30’ height
  • Sectional Dipole for HF
  • End Fed Halfwave 80m-10m 1Kw

Equipment Usage

  • HF Transceivers are used for contacting stations for local, statewide, national and international using an NVIS antenna
  • VHF/UHF transceivers are used for accessing local repeaters or contacting stations over simplex. They can be used with the KPC-3+ to access the Gwinnett digipeater network, Winlink RMS nodes and the Gwinnett ARES packet BBS
  • The ID-1 would be used to connect to the internet through a D-Star gateway using the high speed data mode or to connect point-to-point with another ID-1.
  • An Ethernet, telephone and video network runs throughout the vehicle with ports accessible on the outside for additional equipment or connection to other networks.